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Souvenir Of 125th Beighton Cup

Winners & Runner Up

Beighton Cup HISTORY   

THE BEIGHTON CUP named after its donor the Late T D BEIGHTON, Legal remembrance to the Government of West Bengal is the oldest Hockey Tournament in the world, Inaugurated as early as in 1895.

This tournament was soon recognised as THE BLUE RIBAND of the Indian Hockey with the participation of the top hockey playing teams of the country .The history of the tournament reveals the participation of all time.

The Beighton Cup was initially organised by The INDIAN FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION, Until the Calcutta League took over in 1905.

World Wars 1 and 2 did not affect the tournament. Threats of Japanese bombs and actual bombings in Kolkata while the hockey season was on also did not prevent the tournament from being held. That being said, it is sad to think that the tournament had to yield to the communal frenzy which gripped the nation in 1946-47

It is organised by HOCKEY BENGAL earlier called Bengal Hockey Association (BHA) and used to be held on natural grass at the Mohan Bagan Ground on the Maidan,Kolkata/India.


In his autobiography GOAL! , the legendary Dhyan Chand remembers his Beighton Cup debut. He says, ‘In my opinion it is perhaps the best organised hockey event in the country. Kolkata is indeed lucky that it has at least three or four first class hockey grounds on the maidan, and this is a great advantage to run a tournament on schedule. Instituted in 1895, this tournament has a non-stop run.

He further says ,’If anybody asked me which was the best match that I played in, I will unhesitatingly say that it was the 1933 BEIGHTON CUP final between Calcutta Customs and Jhansi Heroes. Calcutta Customs was a great side those days.

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